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What we mean by Gospel Centered:

Sadly, the Gospel has come to have many different interpretations in our society.  To understand what we mean by "the Gospel" click here.  Our vision is to be a gospel-centered church that helps people to understand the Gospel, experience the Gospel, and to make it known to those who have not yet understood or experienced it wherever they are in the world.  This means that Atlanta Road Alliance Church is not just a religious organization that provides exciting programs or Christian themed religious services on Sunday morning.  Instead, in all that we do we strive to be a demonstration of the reality that Jesus Christ is our Savior, Sanctifier and Coming King. 


What we mean by Gospel Centered People:

Many equate "church" with a religious Sunday morning service, or other gatherings.  Some equate it with a building or organization.  While our religious services, other programs, buildings and organizational structure are certainly important, we remember that the church is so much more; it is a joining together of God's people, much like the members of a body, who are unified not only in shared beliefs, but also in their pursuit of growing to be like Jesus, and to fulfill His mission to see the Gospel spread locally and around the world. 




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