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Catalyst Youth Group


What is Catalyst Youth Group?

Catalyst Youth Group strives to build within teens a passion for Christ  by exalting Christ together, equipping youth and their parents, and establishing contexts where teens can encounter Jesus Christ together and be equipped to evangelize.  We want to see changed lives that have a passion for Christ and practice of all that He commands.

What type of things do you do?

We have a midweek meeting on Wednesday and special events throughout the year.  Here's more info on them below...


Midweek Meeting

Every Wednesday of the month will consist of Jr. High and Sr. High teens meeting together for a "large" group meeting or a "small" group meeting.  The Wednesday "large" group meetings consist of a time for worship and teaching (some giveaways sneak in there from time to time too!)  The Wednesday "small" group meetings allow for an activity or game in the gym, followed by a time for small group discussion and application from the "large" group teaching. 


Special Events/Activities

Throughout the year, we will plan special activities for just the youth, or youth/parents. These activities include things like trips, sports, games, picnics, local mission trips, etc. and are great contexts to invite friends.  Special conferences geared towards parent/child relationships will be held as well.  However, each activity is planned by keeping one of three purposes in mind: 


Missions (Local, Regional, Global)

We see our teens as part of the local church and God has given the church a command to take the gospel to the lost. We will seek to provide contexts throughout the year that enable the youth to proclaim and demonstrate the power of the gospel on the local, regional and global level in mission opportunities.


Building Community

Part of building a godly community is living life together and doing that while having fun. We want to provide special activities that continue to build a rich and biblical community between teens and their peers, as well as between teens and their parents.


Supporting Parents

Understanding that parents are the main teachers in discipling their teens, we want to equip and encourage parents in that task.  Special meetings, seminars, and teaching sessions will be scheduled to communicate with parents and help them know how to disciple their teen through the unique challenges he/she faces.


Atlanta Road Alliance Church
22625 Atlanta Road  |  P.O. Box 756  |  Seaford, Delaware